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TD: Pine Tap Bluffle

Date: 3/19/2010

Two Dukies  
Posted By: Matt (preramble, comments, Hoya Saxaing), duhomme (comments, Ohio U T-Shirt), CDG (haiku)

Volume XIII, Episode 45
March 19, 2010

Mattís comments in
duhomme's comments in red.
Guest Dukie CDG's comments in violet. 

(10E) MISSOURI-COLUMBIA (22-10, 10-6 Big 12) v. (7E) CLEMSON (21-10, 9-7)

This should be another good game - - perhaps another ACC-Big 12 battle to see who can put the stupidest players on the floor, much like the asinine WFU win over Texas just moments ago as this edition ďgoes to press?Ē  (Goes to s**t is more like it.)  Nononono - - Clemson is actually a pretty high-IQ team, with the exception of, uh, their head coach (will this be a problem?), and yea verily though you take a tour of the offices of House Republicans (or, hey, Senate Democrats!), hang out at truck stops in deepest, darkest South Carolina, and/or have a long, blow-rock-influenced roundtable discussion with Charlie Sheen and Ron Washington, you canít find anyone collectively dumber than Chas McFarland + the Texas Longhorns.  It simply isnít possible - - but good luck, and be sure to apply for hazard pay.  Meanwhile, Iíll be pulling for Clemson, one of the few ACC teams that managed to draw a higher seed than its first round opposition, in this intraTiger scrum, because as we all know - - repeat after me, now - - the ACC was doooooooooown this season.  Dooooooooooown! 

Clemson 74, Missouri-Columbia 71.    

You know, it would be nice to have some advance knowledge of the NCAA Tournament games, say, maybe the previous Sunday at around six or seven oíclock eastern.  That way we could spread the work over the next several days, conveniently scheduled around such meddlesome tasks as cooking, doing laundry, running errands and, oh yes, performing compensated tasks that provide the resources necessary to keep the lights on.  But nooooooo, here I am on Thursday night trying the make sense out of this mess while unraveling the mystery of why anyone from the ACC other than Duke and Maryland (yes, as annoying as they are they did deserved a bid) was invited to this party.  Whoops, Iíve exceeded the limit on my three-sentence line of credit, so Iíll end this by telling you that I actually did some research (oh, grow up and stop with the fake shocked looks) and, assuming the site I used was correct, Oliver Purnell has never, ever, ever, ever won a game in the NCAAs, whether he was in the captainís chair of Clemson, Dayton or Old Dominion (or Radford, but they never went).

Missouri-Columbia 74, Clemson 71.

A week or two ago, I was chatting over email with Matt about how good this season has been to read.  While I was shamelessly sucking up (they let me write here so it's contractual), I told Matt how much I enjoyed the "haiku-like" 3-sentence picks for non-Duke games.  For whatever reason Matt thought the "haiku" comparison was funny.  So, in an effort to impress my bosses, and in honor of all the hard work he and duhomme have put into the site this year, I have decided to pick all non-Duke games in this edition through the challenging 5-7-5 medium of haiku.  Not quite "Heel Spirit", "My Old Tool", or "Heelin' in the Tears", but I figured I couldn't phone in my picks yet again given these guys' recent levels of effort.  And trust me, this took way more effort than I thought it would.  Enjoy...

Tigers facing off.
Avoiding first round death.
Sadly, dťjŗ vu.

Missouri-Columbia 75, Clemson 71.

(9W) FLORIDA STATE (22-9, 10-6) v. (8W) #22 GONZAGA (26-6, 12-2 West Coast)

Interesting matchup here, between a sort-of overrated Gonzaga team (itís the usual situation, with a disparity between their poll ranking and their seed line) and an FSU team that can really shut down the perimeter.  Thereís bad news for the Noids, however.  Despite the schoolís best efforts, some jerk ruined the whole plan and told Len Hamilton the correct time when the team charter for Buffalo was leaving.          

Florida State 78, Gonzaga 72.

Remember last year, when the ACC got far more bids than it deserved, then the teams started going down faster than the hired help in Tiger Woodsí hospitality suite at The Mirage?  While that was certainly disappointing to the coaches and to league officials, especially the commissioner who used to play Grimace in the old McDonalds ads, it was a much-welcomed development among staff members at webpages that analyze all ACC games, especially since in the last edition of this March event, just like this one, the vast majority of the teams play in the same cycle.  Going back to the recent trend of members of Swoffieís empire proving their non-worth by disappearing faster than the platter of Twinkies in his office (hereís an image of one of his recurring dreams), well, letís just say my spidey sense is tingling, and no one should be surprised if it happens again.

Gonzaga 78, Florida State 72.

Bulldogs bring some game.
Canadians represent.
Go Gongaza Go!

(Okay, I hate to pick FSU games so I phoned this one in anyways with a good dose of Canadian pride.)

Gonzaga 79, Florida State 75.

(10MW) GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (22-12, 7-9) v. (7MW) OKLAHOMA STATE (22-10, 9-7 Big 12)

Iíve done a touch of recent writing, here and on the TDD forums, so forgive me if Iím repeating myself, but I prefer the placement of teams in the NCAA Tournament - - both in terms of inclusion versus exclusion and seeding - - who are hot at the end of the year.  This means no Villanova at #2, no Weak Florist at any level, VPI getting tossed out (well, they got that one right, anyway), and placing the BugThugs higher than the 10-line given their hot finish.  With the understanding that if they had lost in the first round to the Tools, they should have been excluded, of course.  Hereís the point - - Georgia Tech played better in the ACC-T than it did all year, a fact lost on some of Dukeís online fans, who seemed to think that the Blue Devils were supposed to win by 30 or something.  In other news, the Cowboys played respectably in the Big 12 Tournament, beating Nebraska and the Sooners before getting drubbed by Kansas State.  6-6 junior James Anderson (22.6 ppg, 5.8 rpg, 2.4 apg, 2.3 tpg, 1.3 spg, .463/.806/.351) is one of the best players in the country, and OSU guards the ball very well, steals the ball better than all but 35 teams in the country, and scores a tremendous percentage of its points from the bonusphere.  That sounds like a bad recipe for GIT, but Iím going to pick them anyway, on the theory that they are finally getting it together and making use of their considerable talent.

Institute of Technology 75, Oklahoma State 74.       

Except in this one.  Party Favors and Gimme Lawal recently figured out that if they want to depart campus early if favor of being for-profit basketball players, they need to prove they can be good college players (actually Favors is the real culprit here, The Wall has been pretty consistent this year, but it gave me the chance to use TWO silly nicknames in the same sentence.  Weíre all about efficiency here the D.C. Bureau).  Plus, the team as a whole has created their own defensive-minded cult, and are firm believers.  If they can put half the pressure on Okie State they did on Duke in the ACC-T finals, they should continue to buzz around this webpage for at least one more edition.

Institute of Technology 68, Oklahoma State 62.

Dancing despite coach.
Erratic play guaranteed.
Outcome just a guess.

Georgia Institute of Technology 82, Oklahoma State 77.

(16S) ARKANSAS-PINE BLUFF (18-15, 14-4 SWAC) v. (1S) #3 DUKE (29-5, 13-3)

The Golden Lions lost their first 11 games of the season - - all on the road, but outrebounded all of those bigger-conference opponents but Georgia Tech and Missouri.  Lately, coach George Ivory - - who was an important scorer for Lafayette Striblingís Mississippi Valley State team that gave Duke a huuuuuuge scare in the first round of the 1986 NCAA Tournament, so that can be seen as not boding particularly well - - has started 6-8 senior Lebaron Weathers (9.8 ppg, 6.8 rpg, .410/.671/.311), 6-7 senior Tyree Glass (8.2 ppg, 3.6 rpg, .456/.614/.182), 6-5 senior Tavaris Washington (9.5 ppg, 4.9 rpg, .574/.647/.174), 5-10 senior Allen Smith (4.8 ppg, 1.6 rpg, 1.9 apg, 1.5 tpg, .327/.675/.346), and 6-2 senior Terrance Calvin (10.3 ppg, 5.2 rpg, 3.9 apg, 3.1 tpg, .360/.811/.182).  Smith, in particular, has led the Lionsí recent run, hitting a ton of three-pointers and playing solid defense.  Also on hand are 6-1 sophomore Savalance Townsend (10.0 ppg, 3.3 rpg, .352/.723/.357), whoís recovering from injury but nearing 100%, 6-6 senior George Davis (5.0 ppg, 4.3 rpg, .482/.547/.385), and 6-6 sophomore Terrell Kennedy (4.0 ppg, 2.2 rpg, .500/.700/.500, which is 2-4). 

Thatís a fair amount of size for a SWAC team.  I happened to catch the SWAC title game, and deliberately watched UAPBís matchup in the Dayton Game against Winthrop (whom the Lions just destroyed), and I came away pretty impressed with Pine Bluffís quickness and ability to operate well under pressure.  The stats tell us that the Blue Devils will win this one going away - - UAPB ranks 296th in offensive efficiency, and 300th or worse in Division I in effective field goal percentage (FG% with three-point field goals valued at 1.5 times that of two-pointers), three-point field goal percentage, turnover percentage, steal percentage, and block percentage.  Additionally, there were only five teams in the country that did worse in terms of preventing opponents from scoring from the line, which combines very favorably indeed with Dukeís nationally sixth-ranked FT% of 76.3%.  

After watching Kansas struggle with Lehigh for about 27 minutes, and seeing some of the other upsets on Thursday - - which have already made this yearís tournament, one day in, more exciting than the entirety of last seasonís - - it wouldnít be a shock to see a motivated, nothing-to-lose UAPB team come out and play solid ball, keeping up with Duke in the early going.  They play very good fundamental basketball in the SWAC, and Ivory, in his third year as the Lionsí head man, seems to be a pretty competent signal-caller.  However, Pine Bluff doesnít score in bunches, nor do they possess some defensive gimmick that might throw Duke off its gameplan.  Their only hope is to keep the score low and try to force the Blue Devils out of rhythm, limiting possessions and securing boards - - which they do very well.  But the matchups, predictably, are a nightmare.  While the Lions might be able to stay with Nolan, thereís no answer for Singler and few counters for a 6-5 point guard like Scheyer.  (Incidentally, Jon is probably about as ready as everyone else, acting vicariously on his behalf, is for him to bust out of his recent shooting slump - - he was 13-40 from the field and 5-21 from Tripledom in Greensboro.)  Guarding Zoubek?  The Plumlees?  Forget it.  Heck, this is the kind of game where Lance Thomas could score in double figures.  Iím also eager to see if Andre Dawkins might build on that awesome seven-point burst against the BugThugs and power in some key points.  UAPB will need the three-pointer to stay in this one, and thatís where the much-neglected strength of this Duke team comes in - - the fourth-ranked arcland containment, which is holding foes to 28.4% from long range. 

As long as Dukeís psyche is in the right place for this one, I donít foresee a problem.  If all goes well, we can get on to that terror-inducing Louisville team, but see below for more on that.  In the meantime, let's just say that I think Duke will advance into the second round.

Duke 77, Arkansas-Pine Bluff 54.

How was your weekend?  Thanks, mine ended nicely as well, even though the cuff from the blood-pressure machine blew out like an overinflated tire on a vehicle attempting to drive over this obstacle.  And Duke sure did everything they could to keep it exciting.  Were they tossing it away?  Was G-Tech mounting comeback after comeback with some newfound effort and coaching assistance?  Or were a couple of guys sitting in the bar at a Buffalo Wild Wings living out this commercial?

At any rate, itís been several days since the game, youíve read all you need about it and may have already ordered your hat and/or T-shirt (the ones given to the team for the net-cutting ceremony were hideous.  Is there a re-issue of ďThe Shawshank RedemptionĒ coming out and the studio sponsored those prison-issued garments?).  So, letís see what the warden has to say about Ö

Oh, that is easy.  Scheyer, who had shot badly all day, and frankly the entire time he was a guest of the facilities in Greensboro, getting an intravenous injection of Freon and taking the game-sealing three-pointer with 18 seconds left.  Letís have a Vice-WIN, too.  That would be Dawkins sailing toward the basket for a thunderous dunk.  I canít recall him dunking at all before that this year, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong.  A few more of those, and defenders will have to play off him.

Was it a perfect game?  Nope.  The late-game fouls that stopped the clock and put the Carpenter Bees on the free-throw line, and some time-limit violations on both halves of the floor.  But, guess what?  The Blue Devils won their second ACC Championship in a row.  Thus, there is no FAIL whatsoever in this game, and no attempt to find any.  One of those situations where the final result negates anything that happened before.  Thanks again, guys.  Oh, geez, I forgot to send about 10 acre-feet of props to Kyle Singer for picking up that much-deserved MVP award.

Now, on to tonightís action, against the Golden Sh Lions of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, a team that came out of the silly 64-65 game and put a serious beat-down on Winthrop.  Despite some other Duke websites that continually find some gloom and doom reasons why Duke may not win this game, I really donít think there is much to be concerned about.  The tallest Pine-Bluff (is that some kind of prank you play on a tree) is 6-10 and he averages seven-and-a-half minutes per game, which is the kind of situations where you can sit on pocket-Plumlees and expect to win the pot.  Does the team totally kill from pre-paid land?  Not at just more than 30 percent and slightly more than 4 makes per game.  Hell, they only score 64.3 points per game, a number that Dukeís defense should look at the way Swofp-hard eyes 10-gallon containers of Crisco.  Goodness me, the Tin Tigers lost to Georgia Tech back in December when Favors was still trying to find his way to the gym on game days.  Weíre done here.

Duke 81, Arkansas-Pine Bluff 64.

For the past 6 months, I have been getting alumni emails from the University of Kansas.  I, however, never attended KU or know anyone who attended.  Mystery?  Not so much.

I suspect the reason I'm being spammed by them is because I share the same name as a former student.  This has happened to me on more than one occasion because my email is pretty generic.  I got a Gmail account waaaaaaaaaay back in the early Beta days which allowed me to secure the standard "firstname.lastname" handle, thus opening me up to a variety of emails addressed to any female with my same name (of which I was shocked to learn there are many).  It is, however, fun to learn about my doppelgangers out there, like the prominent Bay-area psychologist or a former high school track star being sought out by Classmates.com.  True story:  I was once put in contact with a production manager on a new sitcom because the person who cc'd me thought I was the same person who had worked with her on "My Name is Earl".  If only!

This sad little story is mainly to relay the fact that my Gmail inbox has been quite busy this week because of March Madness.  Most interestingly was getting forwarded a link to a series of media stories about the Jayhawks Tourney chances, including one story where KU partisans complained about the "cupcake" route that Duke got.  I personally got a kick out of this and only wish I had full KU alumni access so I could try and sabotage their athletics site or something by posting links to Duke stories or even this site.  Actually, given their former coach, they might actually enjoy the Two Dukies work...

Anyway, I particularly enjoyed one comment where a KU grad complained about having the Twerps in the KU bracket (evidence of unfairness apparently) in the very same paragraph that he lamented Duke getting a soft bracket despite competing in a "down ACC".  Hate on Duke all you want but please try and make your arguments coherent.  Thanks.

As for the "cupcake" comments -- whatever.  I have mixed feelings about our draw (easier than years past for sure but not without potential traps).  I will even admit I am a bit nervous about the second round, mainly because I am worried our guys will get overloaded with the media attention around the game if Petty-tino beats Cal.  But, wait, here I am looking past the first round (and as I write this 'Nova is losing to Robert Morris, proving lesson #1 of March Madness, so we don't want to be doing that). [On quick edit, they pulled it out in OT but confirmed my secretly held belief that the Big East is still the Big Least this year].

So Duke takes the floor Friday for its first round game against a directional school from the State of Arkansas.  I am sure that Matt has covered off all interesting tidbits about UAPB (just writing that makes me want a peanut butter sandwich for some reason) so I won't get into how cool their marching band name is ("The Marching Musical Machine of the Mid-South" or "M4" -- sweet!).  Since we can also count on Matt to pull out the full scouting report on the Golden Lions, and for duhomme to provide the color commentary for this event, I will similarly refrain from ground already well-travelled.

In my view, this should be an easy win.  Nothing should be taken for granted, but I don't foresee a loss or even more than a few minutes being close in this one.  Duke is riding high off an ACC Championship and the players - in particular Plumlees I & II and Dre - are finding their form just in time for the Tourney.  On the flipside, this is the very first tourney appearance for the kids at UAPB.  They did win the play-in against Winthrop, a team with more than a few appearances under its belt, so one can argue the Golden Lions' aren't too subject to nerves.  But that was on Tuesday and not against Duke.  On Friday.  In prime-time.  Plus, the only kid who comes close to Zoob and the brothers in size - British import Hugh Barnett (who sounds more like a stockbroker or a Jane Austin character) - has played only 47 minutes the entire year, so expect us to have a huge game from inside (okay, I did look at the stats, a bit). Mis-match city.

Look for significant minutes from the bench in this one if we're lucky, getting everyone's lead-out in preparation for the second round.  If we win, and I'm invited back, I'll even spot you all a Duke haiku.

Go Duke!

Duke 90, Arkansas-Pine Bluff 50.

(13MW) HOUSTON (19-15, 7-9 C-USA) v. (4MW) #20 MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK (23-8, 13-3)

This matchup pits a pair of 6-4 Cougar seniors - - the nationís leading scorer, Aubrey Coleman (25.6 ppg, 7.4 rpg, .425/.318/.745) and a solid second shooting guard in Kelvin Lewis (15.3 ppg, .411/.782/.398) - - against the ACC POY and COY, who took an early powder from the ACC Tournament for reasons that remain unexplained.  Actually, I havenít yet had a chance, but I really do have to commend UMCP on its effort in the ACC semis - - the Jackets committed 25 boners and missed 14 of their 27 free throws, but still managed to best the Twerps by five.  Nonetheless, the Turtlesí achievements down the stretch in the ACC regular season earned them a good seed and a fairly easy opponent; the Cougars would not have made the NCAAs without winning the C-USA Tournament.  I doubt that this Tom Penders-coached unit - - yes, there is a haven in this conference for even this rug-sporting reprobate - - will have much but missed shots and matador defense for Scaryland.

, College Park 87, Houston 82.      

Let me take this opportunity to bid a fond farewell to the Whats? of Georgetown, who were roundly spanked by Ohio Thursday night, due in large part that no one, including his players, can understand a word that John Thompson THE THIRD!!!! says.  One of the side benefits of this development is that it eliminates the otherwise enjoyable sports talk radio show here in Our Nationís Capital of ridiculous segments regarding the Other Pronounsí chances of winning it all, thus reliving pressure on the zippers of the on-air talent.  Now, you know what happens when you take your foot off the brake pedal while your car is moving and the low-RMP-engine performs a braking function?  (Yes, Iíll get to the point.)  Thatís exactly what is happening to the Red Font right now, which has yet to be used on the Duke game, not to mention that the wielder of that color is working on something you all might find useful, and hopes to get it done tonight.  Weíll wrap this up by pointing out that Houston head coach Tom Penders is possibly the only coach (ehh, second to Calipari) in the tournament field that makes the Soggy Sergeant look classy.  Need evidence?  Mr. Penders was excused by The George Washington University, which still employs Karl Hobbs.  That.  Is.  All.  You.  Need.  To.  Know.  About.  The.  Guy.

, College Park 79, Houston 70.

The wet man paces.
Cascading sweat rains down.
Cougars do not float.

Maryland, College Park 80, Houston 69.

(4ST) NORTH CAROLINA-CHAPEL HILL (17-16, 5-11) @ (1ST) MISSISSIPPI STATE (24-11, 9-7 Southeastern West)

I donít know where to begin with that game on Tuesday night in some bandbox in the far reaches of Orange County, and I don't mean the one with Disneyland.  How about William & Maryís coach, Tony Shaver, looking exactly like the ringleader at Barnum & Bailey, complete with spectacular brick red mustache?  The ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS PREMISE that the DumpDome was ďundergoing renovationsĒ and was thus unavailable to host this iconoclastic tilt?  HAHAHAHAHAHA - - I mean, are you kidding me???  What sort of renovations are these, exactly?  The addition of special camera angles to prevent TV audiences from seeing how many empty seats there are if Rrhoid continues running his program into the ground?  Razing the damn thing and reconstructing it in the shape of the Helms trophy?  Adding Steve Bucknallís jersey to the dingy laundry dangling from the rafters?  (Itís probably already up there.)  Not about to be excluded from the fun, Nessler and Dykes duly repeated the renovations myth they'd been spoonfed - - twice!  I mean, is there anyone in the universe credulous enough to believe this kind of garbage?  Steve Kirschner really should just hire Baghdad Bob as the programís chief spokestool and get it over with.  Good lord, making fun of this program has never been easier.  Meanwhile, the Tools really played lockdown wing defense, surrendering the fourth-most three-pointers in school history, but as Al White said, since William showed up and Mary didnít, it was PARTAY time by the Old Well.  I want to see MSUís 6-9 senior Jarvis Varnado (13.8 ppg, 10.3 rpg, and an astonishing 4.7 bpg) swat about 30 shots from Donít Miss Deon and Phone Pole into the Starkville stands.  This really should be it.

75, North Carolina-Chapel Hill 71.       

Mississippi State 77, North Carolina-Chapel Hill 68.

Baby Blue Brigade,
Compete where they once shunned.
And win, dadgummit!

North Carolina-Chapel Hill 72, Mississippi State 70.

(6ST) NORTH CAROLINA STATE (20-15, 5-11) @ (2ST) ALABAMA-BIRMINGHAM (24-8, 11-5 C-USA)

Given NCSUís Tuesday night dispatch of South Florida, which seemed to have no clue how to manage a game-ending possession, this seems like an appropriate place, with all due apologies to Official Syracuse Guy, to discuss the performance of the almighty Big East thus far this young postseason.  Letís see . . . Seton Hall gone from the NIT (with bonus groinpunching and firing of its psychotic-behaving coach), St. Johnís ditto on the NIT departure *and* the coach-canning, USF, vanished; Connvicticut nearly beaten by Northeastern, but hey, they did advance, and, moving over to the NCAAs, we have - - Notre Dame gone (which I do feel bad about), Villanova should have been gone but for a considerable amount of referee assistance, and Iím not the only one who thinks that, Marquette defeated by a supposedly awful Pac-10 team, and . . . wait, did Georgetown play today?  Iím not referring to the imposters who went out and monastically chanted Hoya Saxa in full Jedi garb while the Ohio University Bobcats rang up 97 points and, uh, won the game.  Iím wondering about the whereabouts of that team that played its Personal Super Bowl Against Duke in front of the president and vice president, among others.  Well, no sign of them either, mysteriously enough. 

So . . . is half of the posting community at The Devilsí Den, not to mention a few commenters here, still wetting its collective pants and screaming hysterically about the prospect of playing Louisville?  Iíve been saying it all week - - please remain calm, and by the way, please prepare to play Berkeley.  Yíknow, just in case.     

And there is another saving grace and/or crumb of comfort - - NCSU is in the same bracket as the Tools, so only one of them can go to the Garden if they keep winning, reducing this somewhat ridiculous workload weíve managed to create for ourselves.  Gee, I wonder who would win such a hypothetical matchup between the two Galactic Coast squads?  [MASSIVE EYEROLL]

And what about UAB, you ask?  They never trailed in ushering Cliff Ellis & the Chanticleers out of the NIT, and should never trail in doing the same to Redjac.  I mean, could we bring an end to Dickensian protagonist Farnold Degand and goofy scrub Dennis Hornerís careers already? 

Alabama-Birmingham 75, North Carolina State 69.

Alabama-Birmingham 72, North Carolina State 68.

Carnival Barker,
Interloper in the field.
Time to go, but won't.

North Carolina State
66, Alabama-Birmingham 60.

Last Edition:
Matt 2-2
duhomme 1-3
Guests 0-0

Matt 84-40
duhomme 79-45
Guests 7-2


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Posted by: David MacMillan Date: 3/20/2010 1:00:59 PM  
Sidebar: New State Farm guy who talks over everyone--more annoying than KFC girl? Toss-up.

Posted by: T. Randall Taylor Date: 3/20/2010 12:18:25 PM  
So on ESPN's Sports Nation former Duke Guard J. Williams picks Baylor over Duke because he question's Duke's toughness. That's right. Their toughness.

Think he'd climb in the Octagon with Singler? Did his momma raise any fools?

Do these guys have a clause in their contracts that force them to bag it every chance they get? Jeez Freakin' Louise.

Posted by: CDG Date: 3/20/2010 12:24:16 AM  
Heh. I should have written Petty-T-no. Wow.

Matt, you deserve the virtual plaque my friend for the Cal call. How about we tag-team all the ESPN and other message boards where Big Least partisans have been smack-talking how Louisville is going to slaugther Duke? Hehehe...

Posted by: CDG Date: 3/19/2010 9:38:49 PM  
GIT hangs on. FSU is gone. Duke wins going away. C'mon Sweaty... oblige and put Houston away for me.

Hope the noise violation ticket isn't too costly. :)

Posted by: Matt Date: 3/19/2010 9:11:20 PM  
Did I see Lance posting up? Did I see Lance posting up? Did I see EhgliHEGNNGLKwehn? Wait, what just happened?

Not only did I see it, but there are various Los Angeles County employees banging on my door now, identifying themselves as some sort of personages of importance and complaining of noise or some such. I assume they'll go away shortly.

Posted by: CDG Date: 3/19/2010 9:00:36 PM  
Matt - you totally called Lance in this one. Big scoring game for him. Did you see him posting up at one point??? Very fun to watch.

Also, don't count FSU out yet... They keep trying, just like against Duke. I smell a tight finish.

duhomme - of course I am pleased to be aligned with your picks. The question is, do you want to be aligned with mine? I thought not. :)

Posted by: Matt Date: 3/19/2010 8:45:14 PM  
Lance now has 11. Hey, I have to play this trumpet sitting over here whenever I can.

Posted by: Matt Date: 3/19/2010 8:36:46 PM  
For anyone not able to watch, I bought the DirecTV package and saw the whole first half. It's 39-20 Duke; we are playing suffocating defense and the interior players are doing some outstanding things on the court. Rebounding and ballhandling are cleaar Duke advantages. Scheyer has been mostly a observer but has a couple of good shots and several nice feeds. Nolan has not scored from the field but has had some nice moves. Andre has three fouls (one totally bogus, a charge in a clear no-call situation), but he looks confident and aggressive. K is substituting liberally and the "second team" looks ready and very well-prepared.

Lance has 9 points. I mention this for no particular reason.

duhomme, the budget can certainly support the mounting of a such a plaque on the bridge. It can go right next to the "Do You Believe that Team Blue Font picked Clemson AND Florida State Massive Fail 2010 Award" plaque, which will be colored in Wake Forest colors because I'm as dumb as L.D. Williams and Chas the Spas McFarland.

Greg Anthony and Traitor Davis don't want to talk much about Duke. A shame.

Posted by: duhomme Date: 3/19/2010 8:22:26 PM  
kd, it's almost halftime, but you can watch the entire game at ncaa.com. not the greatest video quality, but much better that watching cbs try to break yesterday's record of how many different games they can show in a 10-minute period.

Posted by: duhomme Date: 3/19/2010 8:08:45 PM  
from cdg's post:

"Man, I had second thoughts about that pick this morning but was pleased when I saw how close my pick was to duhomme's."

matt, do we have enough money in the budget for a virtual plaque? it should read: "in this spot, on march 19, 2010, was the first time in recorded history someone wanted to be aligned with duhomme's predictions."

Posted by: CDG Date: 3/19/2010 7:16:09 PM  
KD - you are so right about CBS's inability to run the split screen. I would also add the close Wake/Texas and SDSU/Tenn games where CBS spent about 25 minutes going back and forth between time outs, missing key plays in both games! Could they not have used this ancient technology to allow us to see both close games???

Sorry for the brag Matt. I couldn't help it. ;)

Posted by: KD Date: 3/19/2010 6:46:01 PM  
Hats off to CDG for recognizing that eventually, the conspiracy theorists who think (a) Duke gets all the calls, (b) Duke gets preferential treatment in seeding and region placement or (c) life is generally unfair because I don't always get what I want and the easiest thing to do in such circumstances is blame it on Duke, will ultimately reveal patent inconsistencies in their own logic. How's that rugged Midwest region looking now after the quick exit of the Hoyas? Sure, there are lots of solid teams left, but I would not be surprised to see Kansas end up advancing through the bracket rather easily (Lehigh notwithstanding). Bottom line, it ain't ever easy to make a final 4, so enough whining.

My domicile will cause me to watch games other than Duke-Pine Bluff tonight (I will be treated to the "home town" Bug Thugs against Ok State followed by General Grievous), so I hope that the microscope-sized ticker will show Duke running away with this one. By the way, was there ever a moment where CBS's utter lack of stones to use the split-screen was in greater display than yesterday during the Villanova/Robert Morris and Florida/BYU extravaganzas? We were granted the feed for the BYU trimuph, which was compelling, but there is no question that anybody with a pulse wanted to see how Villanova survived. It is simply ridiculous that they refuse to make this happen.

Anyway, here's to hoping that Andre continues his late-season emergence. The idea of him sinking 3-4 threes in each game during a nice run keeps me warm at night. . .

Posted by: Matt Date: 3/19/2010 6:22:56 PM  
ZOMG stop bragging already. ;)

Posted by: CDG Date: 3/19/2010 5:12:01 PM  
Any time Matt. :)

One ACC team bites it, and according to prediction. Man, I had second thoughts about that pick this morning but was pleased when I saw how close my pick was to duhomme's. I am loving my stats this year!

Posted by: Matt Date: 3/19/2010 3:48:16 PM  
CDG, could you put that sentiment into an ominous-sounding quatrain that we can all twist into vague interpretations of the future? ;) Seriously, you have a point there. And naturally TRT is satirzing the ridiculous suspension of GHenderson for hitting Handjob. Just an unfortunately hard foul, but in a league run by NCCH's former loooooooongtime athletic director, there was absolutely no way that wasn't going to result in a suspension. Just the way it is, folks!

The whole Seton Hall story is unintentionally hilarious. I didn't realize that Gonzalez was so universally detested - - if you can't find a way to get along at least passably with Bob Hurley, Sr., then something might be wrong with you - - particularly if you're trying to recruit in New Jersey. Derrrrr!

Official Syracuse Guy, good to hear from you, and I figured you wouldn't be much insulted by my discussion of the Big East's troubles. At one point yesterday, Reynolds had missed 13 of his 14 shots from the field and made 13 of his 14 free throws, a nifty palindrome of sorts. It is my experience that generally, if a player is missing that badly from the field, he's not drawing a ton of fouls either. Hmmmmmm.

Posted by: CDG Date: 3/19/2010 3:39:34 PM  
Perhaps I am the wrong one to comment on this being a female and all, but I would think that the former is in fact much worse than the latter. And both should be called fighting - one should even be called fighting dirty because of the incapacitation factor.

Posted by: T. Randall Taylor Date: 3/19/2010 1:11:57 PM  
Can someone tell me why a punch to the groin is an expulsion, and one to the face is an automatic suspension? One is fighting and the other isn't? Really?

I'm pretty sure if someone Chris Pauled me I'd think I was in a fight.

Posted by: tom Date: 3/19/2010 12:31:07 PM  
The win by Wake was a combination of a "never say die" attitude (which I don't attibute to the coach)and classic choke job that only a Rick Barnes coached team could muster. I'm hoping Wake will give Kentucky some fits this weekend. As far as the Duke game, I want it to be like the Kentucky/ETSU game was last night. "Don't even think you have a chance." Guess we'll see.

Posted by: Andrew Hicks Date: 3/19/2010 12:11:57 PM  
While I am wasting everyone's time talking about Land Grant Colleges, here's one for the Tar Heels. I wish I had the talent of the Two Dukies, because there is bound to be a good song parody here for the Holes, but I don't. So here are a couple of stanzas of the lyrics, just as ol' Johnny sang them, based on his real-life experience in that fair city:

Starkville City Jail, by Johnny Cash

"They're bound to get you.
'Cause they've got a curfew.
And you go to the Starkville City Jail.

"Well, they threw me in the car and started driving into town;
I said: "What the hell did I do?" He said: "Shut up and sit down."

"The sergeant put me in a cell, then he went home for the night;
I said: "Come back here, you so-and-so; I ain't bein' treated right."

"Well, they're bound to get you, 'cause they've got a curfew
And you go to the Starkville City Jail.

"I started pacing back and forth, and now and then I'd yell
And kick my forty-dollar shoes against the steel floor of my cell.
I'd walk awhile and kick awhile, and all night nobody came.

"Then I sadly remembered that they didn't even take my name.
At 8 am they let me out. I said: "Gimme them things of mine."
They gave me a sneer and a guitar pick, and a yellow dandilion.

"They're bound to get you, 'cause they've got a curfew
And you go to the Starkville City Jail.


Roy, you can yell and whine about how badly you've been treated this year, and kick your forty-dollar shoes all you want. Something tells me that the Bulldogs are "bound to get you."

Miss. State 84, UNC-CH 57

Posted by: steve Date: 3/19/2010 11:46:10 AM  
I'm going to go out on a limb and predict the ACC goes 5-0 today. I like the matchups for Clemson, FSU, and GT, and Duke and Md. are facing inferior opponents.

The second round may be another story.

Posted by: Official Syracuse Guy Date: 3/19/2010 10:25:56 AM  
How disgusting was the refereeing in the Robert Morris v. Villanova game yesterday? It was awful. Reynolds and Villanova were gifted that game. It was like watching Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals against Dallas all over again. Anyone come within two feet of Wade (Reynolds) and the whistle will blow - I mean it!!!

Posted by: Andrew Hicks Date: 3/19/2010 10:21:21 AM  
Some irrelevant UAPB trivia:

-- The school's original name was the Branch Normal College. It later became the Arkansas Agricultural, Mechanical, and Normal College, and got its current name when it was made a full-fledged branch of the Univ. of Arkansas system in 1972. It is one of the few historically Black colleges that is also a Land-Grant school, and currently has about 3500 students.
-- Michelle Obama is scheduled to give the commencement address there this May.
-- Their website has a very nice stats page (it looks like it is actually the conference that hosts it; in any event, lots of stuff for a geek like me):


-- The Marching Musical Machine of the Mid-South rocks. Thank you, CDG, for mentioning them! They were in Obama's inauguration parade, and are well-known among marching band fans. Not that we will see any of it, but I am hoping they play at halftime tonight (yes, they DO play basketball halftime shows, as this YouTube clip shows. Ignore the typically offensive NBA house announcer; it is from a Mavericks game.)


As they (the basketball team, not the band) showed Tuesday night, they can play good solid basketball. You have to give them some props for their ambitious out of conference schedule, kind of a mirror image of the way certain ACC coaches seem to think it should be done. Yes, they lost every one of those OOC games, but I think it had something to do with how they played once they got around to SWAC games. I don't think that they will get rattled, even if Duke runs out to an early lead.

But they simply don't have the size or the ability to hang with Duke for very long, so long as Duke takes the game seriously. As Matt noted, they have no way to guard Singler, or any of Duke's inside players, and they are going to have a very hard time scoring points against the Duke defense. I hope the UAPB team plays a game they can be proud of tonight, but obviously, I am hoping the Devils prevail.

Posted by: CDG Date: 3/19/2010 8:53:14 AM  
duhomme - I owe you an apology. There should have also been mention of your insanely good Fringe parody. My bad.

I am still laughing at all the Big Least losses, especially the Doggies pathetic exit. Who's next?

I am, however, exhausted this a.m. because Texas failed to usher out the Dorks despite being given an extra 5 to do it in, during which THEY LED THE WHOLE WAY. Poor. Game. Execution.

Kentlucky better take care of these idiots... on second thought, let's see if Dino can mastermind a win against the Mildkittens. Then I wouldn't be too unhappy about their presence.

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