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TD: Boston College Game Post/Blog

Date: 2/19/2012

Two Dukies  
Posted By: Matt

Volume XV, Episode 12
February 19, 2012

#5 DUKE (22-4, 9-2) @ BOSTON COLLEGE (8-18, 3-9)

Matt's comments in
Guest Dukie Al White's comments in red.   
Bana Darros' comments in white. 

DONíT PACK IT IN JUST YET DEPARTMENT:  Thursday's Duke victory was one of the most preposterous that I can ever remember.  Duke has done a lot of UNC-CH-type things this season - - things that Duke doesn't usually do, but which the Tools manage on a routine basis.  There was beating Kansas with competent inside play and timely three-pointers from an unlikely source.  Then there was the buzzer-beating three to best the Twinks at their own game.  Now it's benefiting from an epic collapse at the hands of the utterly asinine Wolfpack, whose Internet fans were mostly on suicide watch after this one wound up.  Fun ride if you're not one of those Pack Pride guys, and I'll take the wins, but . . . is all of this really necessary?  If N.C. State was bad enough to choke away a 20-point lead with 11 minutes left, which they sure were, then maybe they shouldn't have been staked to that lead in the first place.  Y'know?  And please, DukeHataz, spare me the rubric about how NCSU was in foul trouble, thereby delegitimizing Duke's win.  What is that even supposed to mean?  You're growing more incoherent by the second. 

BY THEIR DEATH RAY GAZE SHALL YE KNOW THEM DEPARTMENT:  Did anyone get the impression that Gottfried knew where he was for any portion of the second half?  I've seen footage of guys who just had RPGs fired right over their heads who looked less dazed.  That was definitely a "deer in the headlights" look, all right - - if the headlights belonged to an aircraft carrier.  (Don't ask what the deer is doing at sea.)  Mark?  Mark?  You're not in the broadcast booth anymore.  You're supposed to like, take action and make decisions and stuff?  You know?  But thanks for not doing any of that. 

NOT TO BE OUTDONE DEPARTMENT:  Then there was our own coach.  From hoarding timeouts like they were leftover priceless pieces of treasure from the 1994 title game, to insisting on playing defensive sets that really only work when you have forwards who can prevent their assignments from getting from point A to point Slam Dunk, to sitting back with a "f this" expression at about the twelve minute mark, like he just wandered in to Cameron and found this group of impostors soiling his legacy, Krzyzewski was really at the height of his powers in this one.  My personal favorite was how it took him a full ten minutes of clock in the second half to hear the telepathic cries of every Duke fan watching the non-high-def feed on DirecTV or whatever cable package was carrying the contest, heeding their begging, and - - yes - - ACTUALLY PRESSING AND TRAPPING THE TEAM WITH NO DEPTH THAT WAS IN FOUL TROUBLE.  Ends up that when you're down 20 points, the other squad has one guy who can handle the ball, and if there's one thing you have, it's a nearly limitless supply of fouls to give in the backcourt, you can actually cause turnovers, create transition opportunities, disrupt the other team's rhythm, quicken the pace, and (gasp!) place yourself in a position to win!  Amazing!  I'm glad we're all here to tell him these things! 

THANKS, SETH AND AUSTIN DEPARTMENT:  While the Plumlees were useless until the last few minutes and Ryan Kelly and Quinn Cook appeared to be shaving points, Curry and Rivers were blowing by their men, getting open, hitting shots, and driving the dish for beautiful layins.  Awesome.  More, please?  Only, not when trailing by 20 - - that part isn't necessary.  I loved Austin's postgame comments about how the team has to stop doing this.  Co-sign!   

VOTE IN THE POLL ALREADY DEPARTMENT:  Thousands of you visit here each week, as hard as that is to believe.  And yet the polls go up and get something like 27 votes, making this place look like a blog run by the Guys Roy Left Behind.  So vote, please?  Thanks.   

PLEASE CLEAN UP THIS HESS DEPARTMENT:  By now you've seen the video of Gugliotta and (an ancient-looking) Corchiani destroying property, heckling fellow fans, tossing cans of beer and flicking pocporn kernels, and making life miserable for everyone around them at the ESA on Saturday, as NCSU predictably got clowned by Florida State and continued their usual late-season slide.  Oh, wait - - Gugs and Fire didn't do any of that stuff.  Nay, they merely dared to question the wisdom of the mindblowingly incompetent Karl Hess, who promptly motioned over some martinet from the Raleigh PD and engineered the ouster of two guys whose f**king jerseys are hanging from the rafters.  Questions and comments:

       (a)    How big a loser is that RPD officer?  If some dork wearing stripes tries to act like a Third World dictator and pretend that his authority extends to people in the crowd, assess whether there is a security threat.  Since there obviously wasn't, tell KKKarl to mind his own beeswax and, you know, officiate (as best he can) the basketball game while you, the law enforcement professional, attend to wrangling any mildly annoyed former Wolfpack stars in the crowd. 

    (b)    I swear, Hess has to be the worst official working today in any conference.  Including Tim Higgins!  How can he ever do another NCSU game?  Of course, when your assignments are handed out by a dips**t like John Clougherty, himself exactly the kind of attention-seeking, thin-skinned official that Hess has turned out to be, Hess' brutal incompetence and tinhorn Hitler act is just what the Clocktor ordered.  

    (c)    State AD Debbie Yow, who has to be contemplating a move down to the SoCon at this rate, took a page out of the book of uberwimp Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and issued the harrowing "strongly worded statement" to Swoffie and his minions.  Within hours, someone called Yow and played a tape of Swofford munching on a jelly donut, and Deb immediately released another statement saying she was satisfied.  What?  The only acceptable answer from the conference "office" should have been that Hess was henceforth banned from ever officiating any of its games again.  But of course that didn't happen, and Yow's pitiful backdown is just painful.  But it fits - - it's N.C. State, so of course nothing will actually happen.  Now, not that Karl Hess would ever do anything to harm the special favorite team of the man who cuts his game checks, but can you imagine the reaction of Rrhoid, UNC-CH AD "Bubba" (perfect) Cunningham, and Swoffie himself if Hess or some other ACC zebra ordered a drunken Phil Ford, James Worthy *and* the latter's trio of accompanying call girls out of the Smith Center?  Right.  Exactly. 

    (d)     Gottfried told the media afterwards that he had no idea what was going on.  No, of course not.  Back to sleep, Mark.   

LAST ONE TO LEAVE, PLEASE INVITE A FEW FANS TO THE GAME DEPARTMENT:  I donít know what happened either.  Trapper Joe, Southern, Raji and Paris were out of eligibility, and The Nutrcracker evidently wasn't doing too much recruiting in his twilight years.  Then Mr. February jumped to the Association, where he is apparently a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder, they of the Neeba's best record.  Dallas Elmore?  No one cared.  Anyway, this is the kind of housecleaning and fresh start that Elin Nordegren really digs.  So let's get right to the next, very appropriately named section, shall we?   


Ryan Anderson, 6-8 FR - - One of 752 freshmen in Steve Donahue's rotation this season after last year's mass exodus of "talent," Anderson looks like he's already better than Trapper Joe, whom he replaced at power forward.  Like Trapani, Anderson has a little bit of an inside-outside game (he's canned 19 threes, although his 75 tries from range make him a 25.3% shooter), is a reasonable defender, and a pretty solid defensive rebounder.  He scored 17 against VPI and then Bootsied the Turgeonpins for 22, plus 10 rebounds, although we have our own guys who set career marks against that frontcourt, thanks very much.  Anyway, Anderson is the Iggles' leading scorer and rebounder, and probably a good bet to score 15-18 against Duke's frontcourt.       

Dennis Clifford, 7-0 FR - - Nondurable center running about 27 minutes a game, boarding at a weak 4.8 rpg for a big guy, but he gets to the line a lot, where he's a .667 shooter, and he has a very respectable block-per-possession rate.  Fouls a great deal.

Matt Humphrey, 6-5 JR - - Along with Anderson, he's the other legitimate ACC-caliber player on this roster.  A transfer from Oregon, he's averaging 10.2 ppg and is a reasonably good wing defender.  However, his shooting line of .345/.606/.310 would embarrass DeJuan Wheat, or, if you prefer a modern-day example, Terrell Stoglin (who ultimately was not suspended for those stupid Twitposts by Turgid, by the way - - shocker!).  Humphrey has taken 258 shots from the floor, which, for the sake of perspective, is more than any Duke player except Austin Rivers (295 - - Curry is next with 252).  So expect him to hoist more than a few.   

Jordan Daniels, 5-8 FR - - The gnat-like point guard, who has a decent assist rate, but is not much of a scorer, shooter or defender.  He's hitting 32.6% from behind the arc. 

Lonnie Jackson, 6-3 FR - - hailing from Valencia, CA, the home of Six Flags Magic Mountain, and what makes a guy from the Los Angeles exurbs pick BeeCee, anyway?  No clue, but here's your one and only real three-point threat, although Humphrey will shoot and shoot and shoot until he makes a few.  Jackson, though, has canned 50 triples, six more than Humphrey on 22 fewer tries, good enough for a 41.7% shooting mark from distance, better than any of the Duke marksmen.  Sounds like a guy with a target on his back - - the Blue Devils are actually leading the ACC in three-point FG denial, which tells you how bad theyíve been stopping drives to the metal.

BENCH?  Oh, sure!  We've got all kinds of guys for you. 

John Cahill, 6-1 SR - - name sound familiar?  It should!  Yep, it's the son of John Cahill, the Albany lawyer who doubles as a ubiquitous, atrocious ACC ref.  So his namesake is a senior walk-on, and Jon Sciambi and Hubert Davis, handling the broadcasting duties for this one, are guaranteed to extol Cahill, Senior as a "terrific, veteran official" or some nonsense.  

Gabe Moton, 6-1 SO - - One of the few guys from last season who didn't bolt, Moton is a sloth-footed point guard who can't defend, isn't a reliable passer and can't shoot. 

John Cain Carney, 6-7 FR - - the result of an unfortunate merger between former Saints kickers and Herman "9-9-9" Cain, this science experiment gone wrong plays sparingly. 

Patrick Heckmann, 6-5 FR - - this Teutonostiff is out for an "extended period," says Boston College's website, with mononucleosis.  This is unfortunate, and at an institution run by the Catholic Church, it's best not to speculate how he got it.

Deirunas Visockas, 6-4 SR - - the Vilnostiff and Lafayette transfer has only played in four games all season, but that includes the last three, and hey!  Garyland put him on the line so he could record his first three points of the year. 

Eddie Odio, 6-7 FR - - the Miami product has recorded all of 38 minutes in conference play this season, which is not much more than neighborhood rivals Robbie Hatefullo and Manny Detestablo. 

COULD DUKE LOSE THIS GAME?  Of course!  This Duke team can do anything.  It can win the national championship.  It can lose by four to the SWAC champ in the first round.  Buckle up! 

BOTTOM LINE THIS FOR ME, PLEASE:  Boston College is a terrible team that for some reason hit - - no, repeatedly pounded - - the reset button for Donahue, Season Two.  There are three schools in Division I (newcomer Nebraska Omaha, Hartford, and the Air Force Academy) garnering fewer offensive rebounds per possession, and there are only twelve teams in the nation who have their shots blocked more often (an illustrious group that includes Wake Forest), so their offense is a mess.  They never steal the ball, they commit an impressive assortment of turnovers, and they only stay in games by taking the air out the ball, then firing three-pointers as much as possible - - only 17 teams in the country get a greater percentage of their points from the bonusphere.  This doesn't seem likely to work well against Duke, particularly if Jackson gets the "we are not going to let THIS GUY beat us" treatment, and the big men feast inside.  I am really tired of the Plumlees' inconsistency and Kelly's total regression and utter ineptitude, and the Eagles have no one to match up with any of them in the post other than the double-left-footed Clifford.  BeeCee has kept things close, and has recorded its only three ACC wins at home, but honestly, Duke should take this one to the bank, even on a Sunday.  This applies even if the school parades out Doug Flutie and a bunch of other irrelevant creeps to fill the stands.   

PREDICTION:  Duke 77, Boston College 64.

And now, Al White, ladies and gents.   

Thanks to Matt for letting me add a few words to the latest edition of his terrific previews.  Before offering some criticisms of some of Coach K's methods, I would like to make it clear that I think he is the best coach in Division I.  I share Matt's dislike of K's historic disdain for a bench, zones and full-court presses, but I also try to bear in mind that he has spoiled us beyond belief.  I expect we would all find greater fault with any of the other top coaches, most of whom do not run such a high-class program, to say the least. 

I have watched the last 158 seconds of the Carolina game six times now and still can't get my fill.  If you do the same, please savor again the stunned silence of the pro-Tool ESPN announcing team after Austin drained the life out of them and the home fans.  Another byproduct of obsessing about the great "theft" in the Deandome was the realization that it happened because Duke was the fresher team.  Horsebleep is being forced to play some 28-minute players for 35 ticks or so and they aren't up to it.  The fact the Devils were fresher than the thin Pack certainly fueled the comeback on Thursday.  In fact, K even unveiled a full-court press, something he has used very sparingly in his career, presumably because his teams were usually so beat from the crushing workloads he imposed on them. 

Getting helpful minutes out of marginal D-I players like Thornton and Hairston is a skill that K seems to have rediscovered. I doubt that he has changed his preference for a short rotation but has rather been forced to play more guys each night just to find at least four who don't seem to be engaged in deliberate sabotage.  I hope I am wrong, but it seems unlikely that we will see an end this season to the maddening inconsistent play by almost everyone on this squad.  And that won't matter as long as K can find a few hot guys in a given game to go with some others who are mostly effective.  As Austin displayed brilliantly against the Tools, and Seth reinforced versus the Wolfies, there are guys on this team who can practically beat a tough opponent single-handedly.

Creative coaching of this enigmatic group had largely been absent this season until the last few games.  Turning Seth into a driving dervish and pressing the winded warriors from Raleigh were great steps toward making the results match the potential.  A tight zone to stop the ridiculous penetration would also be quite welcome.    

I don't know much about the Beagles except that the odious Mr. February is gone and the Nutcracker left the cupboard quite bare for Steve Donahue.  The school and its fans are probably thinking by now that looking at Al's frightening jawline was preferable to watching an Ivy League quality team struggle to compete in a down ACC.  Duke should win this game easily.  If it does, that will be nice preparation for going down to TeeHee and showing those doofuses who's the boss.

Duke 78, Boston College 61.

Last Edition
Matt 1-0

This Season

Matt 7-4 
Guests 1-0

Last Edition's Score Prediction Margin Variance
3 (wow!) 

Last Season:
Matt 52-18
Guests 3-3 


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Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 2/24/2012 3:11:39 AM  
Shouldn't jinx it, shouldn't! Mum's the word. (FSU 2)

Posted by: T. Randall Taylor Date: 2/21/2012 12:40:47 PM  
FWIW, Hess was wrist-slapped.


Does anyone remember what Swofford's response was when Williams jacked the Presbyterian fan? I sure don't recall anything in the way of a reprimand.

Posted by: CDG Date: 2/20/2012 3:11:55 PM  
Missed this one due to family commitments but plan to be in my assigned place on Thursday.

Speaking of, I should give thanks Swoffie for the wonderful schedule of THREE GAMES IN 7 DAYS. Conspiracy? Nope; fact.

I am sure you know because of last game's comment section, tom, but I am too one of the Canucks. I have been to NC several times, including to a Duke game at Cameron, and very nearly went to Duke for grad school. But I am one of those fans who came by her love outside the State and without attending.

Posted by: T. Randall Taylor Date: 2/20/2012 10:39:36 AM  
tom, I'm in Greensboro.

Posted by: Serious G Date: 2/19/2012 10:01:38 PM  
Potential BC blog: I can haz turnover?*

*they may have to share this one with Drew II (Electric Boogaloo)

Posted by: Serious G Date: 2/19/2012 9:56:52 PM  
Tom - I am one of the Canadians posting on this site. I have never set foot in the grand state of NC, but I wil be correcting this in the (hopefully) near future. I have this grand plan of a road trip to see college hoops games in Durham, CH, Raleigh and UVA.

Posted by: Serious G Date: 2/19/2012 9:52:55 PM  
Great preview folks.

I was impressed with the D. One may argue that the competition was so awful they could have made any D look good, but I submit that we have made strides protecting our own end. Great follow-up games by Curry/Rivers, solid efforts by Dawk & Miles. Also nice to see Silent G get some burn. Our rebounding was great.

Hess is unreal. It is good to see that that story is getting national attention, as I believe that it shows how out of contol (incompetent?) Hess is.

Big game Thursday, can't wait.

Posted by: tom Date: 2/19/2012 8:58:38 PM  
Okay, a few things. First off, am I the only guy that lives in NC that posts on here? I'm not trying to do the "where do you live" thread I just noticed we have like three people that live in Canada and one that lives in London. I think it's great actually. Do you guys know that Hess will be the ref for the Holes game at Duke? I heard he was. I'd like to hear Bob Knight on the Hess thing. I think he would tell you like it is. Dykes is an idiot. And I agree with Matt Corchiani looked terrible. I thought it was Googs' dad sitting next to him.
I don't think Hubert is too bad of an announcer compared to some of the others. He had a nice thing to say about playing with Bobby Hurley. And he mentioned about how he was sort of dissapointed how UNC was playing this year. But yeah, it is a Duke game so he can't be all ballwashing when his university isn't playing in front of him. Hey, remember after the Duke win at UNC Stuart Scott was talking about how hard it was for him to come on and talk about the game since it just happened that his alma mater lost. WTF announcer does that?
As far as the game goes. It. Was. Slow. Even drinking my beer took time with this game. I usually can finish a 6 pack. It was only three for this one. The game was just very hot and cold with both sides (mostly BC) going into shooting droughts. But everybody got to play and it was good to see Silent G out there for a time. And he actually didn't do too bad. Would love to see him play more but he may be one of those types where his defense is pretty good but maybe his offense isn't. I don't know myself. As it seems there are a ton of posters on here and other boards that feel the same way.
This has been a nice Sunday. I was able to have a good fire outside last night, I watched my parents alma mater, Murray State University, win. I painted another room and right now, there is a nice freshly falling snow. Followed by a Duke win. Holes loosing would have been the icing. But instead, I'll settle to watch the Walking Dead. And being that tomorrow is a federal holiday, I can sleep till noon. One most savor this moments. Thanks Matt and have a nice week everyone.

Posted by: El Guapito Date: 2/19/2012 7:54:28 PM  
Hubert says that Duke does not have that 6-7/6-8 player you need in the Tourney. Not completely accurate, he is there, he just receives no PT. Hubter, meet Michael Gbinije, the most wasted promising member of this Duke team.

Great preview and comments from Matt and Al. Although Matt does not hear it enough, we depend upon this website every year to express the opinions we all share. Thank you for writing and continuing to entertain! Now if you could just convince Al to take an escape every now and then and be a writing partner.......

Posted by: Mark Buckner Date: 2/19/2012 7:33:01 PM  
Why is Hubert mum when it's mentioned Duke has won 10 of the past 13 ACC Tournaments?

Were it the Tarholes, Jay would would fall outta his chair with puckered lips getting to Roy's ass.

Posted by: Matt Date: 2/19/2012 7:09:16 PM  
Jimmy Dykes accuses Gugliotta and Corchiani of using profanity, because why else would KKKarl have pulled their trigger. Oof. Do we really think they did that in front of their preteen daughters? Bias thought similarly, but he's always wrong. By the way, Dykes spews that "there isn't a coach in the country who isn't happy to see Hess" working a game. Sure, as long as it doesn't involve their team. Ugh, when will an announcer come along who tells it like it is?

Duke up by 9. Time for some rousing Stallball, for my money.

Posted by: Mark Buckner Date: 2/19/2012 7:00:01 PM  
Karl Hess...20 year old douchebags everywhere are envious.

Posted by: Dave Date: 2/19/2012 6:53:05 PM  

Posted by: Mark Buckner Date: 2/19/2012 6:32:53 PM  
We're up 2 thanks to an 8 minute plus scoring draught by BCU....

Posted by: ClemsonGuest Date: 2/19/2012 6:32:40 PM  
C'mon Matt, no Oliver Poor-nell in the poll? And no Rick Barnes? OK, in honor of my former college roommate from Memphis, I voted for Calipari. But DePurr wins this one.

Rather loud cheer from the BC fans after Miles got popped in the nose. Maybe I'd expect that from Goat fans or Turtle fans ... but Patriots fans?

Karl Hess: If zebras don't have thicker skin than that, they don't deserve to be out there in so-called positions of authority ... period. And calling them by name has been perfectly fine by fans ever since their names have been included on boxscores, so end that argument.

Posted by: Dave Date: 2/19/2012 6:25:07 PM  
That was the most ticky tack travel I've ever seen. on Curry. ACC officiating, everyone!

Posted by: Mark Buckner Date: 2/19/2012 6:22:34 PM  
Enjoy the party. We'll be here.

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 2/19/2012 6:21:19 PM  
Good that Miles didn't lose an eye. Out of here. Enjoy.

Posted by: Mark Buckner Date: 2/19/2012 6:20:48 PM  
Pretty shot by Dawkins. Great shooter's form.

Speaking of good shooting, who would you list as Duke's last consistent shooting big man?

Posted by: Dave Date: 2/19/2012 6:20:42 PM  
nice quick move by Hairston, even with the miss.

Posted by: Mark Buckner Date: 2/19/2012 6:16:57 PM  
Rivers is quick.

Posted by: Dave Date: 2/19/2012 6:16:36 PM  
And a really soft blitz on the pick that ends with the Anderson 3.

Posted by: Dave Date: 2/19/2012 6:14:58 PM  
Great communication on that Daniels pick and shot...Mason sags off, Rivers tries to go over the top, gets killed, and Mason is nowhere close enough to step up. Guys, I thought talking was a Duke thing?

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 2/19/2012 6:12:21 PM  
Listening on radio, then off to dinner party. What was that Rivers said about not starting that way again?

Posted by: Dave Date: 2/19/2012 6:11:43 PM  
Yeah, watching.

Posted by: Mark Buckner Date: 2/19/2012 6:11:06 PM  
Anyone watching?

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 2/19/2012 3:34:00 PM  
Oh yeah, surprised that last Thursday's co-commenting wasn't by Buke Luffum. Or Buff Luke-um. There's still ore left in that comedy goldmine!

Posted by: KD Date: 2/19/2012 3:23:03 PM  
Great stuff, Matt and Al. I hate to pile on, but I am starting to worry that K is reaching that point in his career where he is unable or unwilling to make changes or adjustments based upon the talent that he has. While I too pine away for a simple zone more often, how about at least telling our guards and wings to play a step or two or three off of the other team's players? This group simply isn't very good defensively, so why make it worse? Are there really that many teams that are going to kill you shooting threes and long jumpers? I am going to remain optimistic like Al that maybe K is showing signs of life with some of the adjustments he made against State - even if they were late. Let's hope. Heading to Durham next weekend for the Va. Tech game. Look forward to seeing this lame collection of crazies in person to see how bad it is. Go Duke!

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 2/19/2012 12:15:06 PM  
Side-note: It's pretty amazing how many unlikeable coaches are horror tropes. Donovan (whatever the hell that kid was on the Munsters); Greenberg (Fester); Chaney (undead plus bonus rhyme with Lon Chaney); Doherty (ghoul); Gillen (macrocephalic mutant children).

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 2/19/2012 12:10:03 PM  
I'm having a hard time voting in the coach poll, because I ain't loving to hate any of those. Not sure what the beef with Beeline or Pastner is, though Howland's and Hewitt's uglification-ball is not fun to watch. I dislike Rick Barnes a bit mainly because his stare makes me think there's a corpse stored in his basement. Bill Self rankles because he seems like a cowboy version of Roy. Is Odom still coaching anywhere? I guess my vote would be Huggy Bear, because he's like Self x2, and I've seen him wear bolo ties.

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 2/19/2012 11:59:44 AM  
K, for all the genius accolades, very often seems to go the route of, hey-it-worked-twice-keep-doing-it-and-don't-stop. Sometimes this works (Curry v. NCSU); sometimes it doesn't (Hurley's on-ball-screens v. J. Kidd, '93).

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 2/19/2012 11:57:56 AM  
"From hoarding timeouts like they were leftover priceless pieces of treasure from the 1994 title game, to insisting on playing defensive sets that really only work when you have forwards who can prevent their assignments from getting from point A to point Slam Dunk,"


Posted by: T. Randall Taylor Date: 2/19/2012 11:33:53 AM  
This is what Cloughery had to say : Feb. 18, 2012

Statement from ACC Supervisor of Officials John Clougherty on the ejection that took place at today's Florida State at NC State men's basketball game:

"Under Rule 10, when circumstances warrant, an official has the authority to request home game management to eject fans when the behavior, in the officials' judgement, is extreme or excessive. It's unfortunate in this instance that ACC protocol of communicating directly with the home game management was not followed, and instead, a building security officer was solicited. We will re-communicate this policy with all officials to ensure proper protocol is followed."

It really boggles the mind. According to some (internet) sources, they were riding Hess kind of hard but used absolutely no profanity, as they were their with their daughters. What the heck is "extreme", anyway? Speedo Guy? The guy in the banana suit. What a BS rule and a BS application of it.

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