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Kansas Game Post/Blog: Brick Chick Jayhick

Date: 11/23/2011

Duke Basketball  
Posted By: Matt

DUKE v. KANSAS, November 23, 2011, Lahaina Civic Center, Lahaina, Hawaii.


Kansas is playing nine guys.  The starting lineup has been (surprise!) an F-C-triple G look, with:

Thomas Robinson, 6-9 JR - - last year's sixth man, this year's #2 scorer 
Jeff Withey, 7-0 JR - - stiff who commits cornfieldloads of fouls and hasn't really boarded all that well yet either
Travis Releford, 6-5 JR - - the usual 2/3 athlete without a ton of shooting skills, although he appears to have improved in that area this season. 
Elijah Johnson, 6-4 JR - - their best defender and the backup PG
Tyshawn Taylor, 6-3 SR - - the only returning starter from last season's 35-3 squad.  Scorching the nets so far


Conner Teahan, 6-5 SR - - soulless gunner who was hurt last season and has always been an afterthought before that
Justin Wesley, 6-8 SO - - transferred in from Lamar.  Sanitation specialist 
Kevin Young, 6-8 JR - - former Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman who went back to school and attended Loyola Marymount, but decided to step up to the big time this season
Naadir Tharpe, 5-11 FR - - actual point guard sort of like TT and Cook are actual point guards


Yeah, these guys lost a ton from last season, including the walk-on-water MORRIS TWINS!!!!111, Reed, Morningstar, and that Selby screwup.  Taylor is supposed to be a headcase who turns off recruits, so that's always a plus.  I used to like Bill Self, but his head is not always in the game and he impresses me less and less with each season.  

They're shooting well from all angles, but they do not block shots and don't steal the ball. They don't turn it over much and their rebounding is average, which is good, because our rebounding is just about as good/bad.  I've been pretty unimpressed with the Jayhawks' Maui "run" - - they looked just okay against a middling Georgetown team and honestly terrible against a fifth-rate UCLA squad, which allowed the Jayhicks to score the final 11 points, turning a fun 61-56 game into what looks like a convincing Kansas win, but really wasn't.  

You see all of the "middle height" on the Kansas side - - these are the guys with whom the Plumlessers will struggle, but Ryan Kelly provides a nice mismatch going the other way to even things out.  I've never been sold on Taylor's abilities on the defensive end, so that will be interesting.  Withey fouls an ungodly amount and it would be nice to exploit that. 

This will be a close one.  Duke is starting to come together a bit and may actually win, we'll say by three, Duke 71, Kansas 68.  Or 65, if you like your 1991 history.  

Discuss? Yes, please do.  Where is Gbinjie?  Let's avenge the Let Nick Collison Have His Points Game.    



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Posted by: London Dukie Date: 11/28/2011 5:11:54 PM  
I can't hear Marty's name without thinking of the 1987 game against Virginia in Cameron. If I recall correctly, Tom Sheehey was ejected for elbowing Ferry after Ferry struck him in the (to use TV-speak) "groin". And for Sheehey this came on top of being serenaded with "Meagher spit in your face" by the always-sensitive Cameron crowd. But the piece de resistance came in garbage time, when the "Twin Towers" of Burgess and Nessley combined for a thunderous dunk. It was like watching Olujawon and Sampson...good times.

Posted by: T. Randall Taylor Date: 11/28/2011 9:55:31 AM  
Al, I think Occam's Razor suggests that Franshcilla is a clueless idiot, but I'm kinda hoping it was a shot at Bilas.

Posted by: Al White Date: 11/28/2011 1:09:36 AM  
Nice game, Tools. A little too much nightlife in Vegas, perhaps? Or maybe they are the same team that didn't make the Final Four last year. Let's sweep 'em, Devils!

Thanks for sharing that, TRT. The mention of Nessley brings back the painful memories of hoping every year we would have a real center instead of Bilas. Was Fran the Exposer maybe giving a sly dig to Bilas or does he really think Nessley (who came in with Amaker a year after the Dawkins gang) made a meaningful contribution?

Apparently the Really Official Syracuse Guys think that the "bunch of a thousand lies" that Boeheim referred to are true.

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 11/26/2011 11:24:29 PM  
UNLV-UNC first half: Jay Bias, UNC '86 continues his tongue bath of the Tarholes.

Posted by: T. Randall Taylor Date: 11/26/2011 9:36:10 AM  
So anyway, I was watching the Stanford / Syracuse game last night, and the talking heads were talking about Johnny Dawkins' Blue Devil Roots, when Fraschilla Gorilla said, "Yeah, he was part of that recruiting class that turned it around for Krzyzewski; Johnny Dawkins, David Henderson, Mark Alarie, and Marty Nessley."



Posted by: Al White Date: 11/24/2011 5:07:09 AM  
Apologies to Lord Acton for the typo.

Still can't believe we survived a Withey Bootsie.

Posted by: Al White Date: 11/24/2011 4:05:52 AM  
That was an awesome win. This could have been a Monday night game in April. In fact, the play seemed much better than last season's Calgoon-Butler clankfest.

I didn't get to read the blog until now, but the blog squad had a lot of good calls, unlike the refs in Lahaina. The Devils did a great job of adjusting to the rough tactics of the Jayhicks and giving it right back.

If Mason and Ryan are going to play like this in the tough tilts, this team could be in the Final Four. Ryan was on the losing end of a lot of plays tonight, including the posterization by Robinson, but King Kelly didn't let any of it get him down. Mason was also tough as nails. Just great to see both guys man up like that. Their play was absolutely essential to beating a team like KU.

Is there any truth to the rumor that ESPN is doing another leadership conference with Coach K, but this time replacing JoePa with someone more respectable like Jim Tressel? There is a devastating article about Paterno's dominion over the school in yesterday's Wall Street Journal. Absolutely power corrupts absolutely.

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 11/24/2011 1:42:11 AM  
Can't believe you missed Czyz (pronounced: Ch!!!!!) vs. Longwood! Longwood went on a spurt late in the second, but NV held on and beat them off in the end!

Posted by: tom Date: 11/24/2011 1:03:42 AM  
Well, great game. I was able to make it back and watch the game live. Although the local country store closed at 9. I got there at 858. And...the door was locked as they looked at me. I'm pointing at my watch. You think a place that just opened for business would make an effort to appease there customers. Especially ones that live less than a quarter mile down the road. Just wanted chips. As for the game. I was thinking about coming in at halftime but I was aggravated with the first half. K admited that he liked the flow Thornton was providing and decided to keep him in the game. And it obviously worked. I was getting aggravated watching Withey climb all over the backs of Mason and Kelly and nothing be called and have his career high. The game was very miscalled. You'd get a touch foul call then another player would get tackled and nothing. The Austin Rivers 3rd and 4th fouls were just BS. The Mason offensive foul.. come on man. Of course Bilas had to say that Curry was walking before he passed the ball to Thornton. Fine. Don't mention anything about him being hugged trying to dribble. It appears K is gonna have a 7 man solid rotation. With Thornton and Miles coming off the bench. Cook I hope gets more minutes but he only played 2 in this one. Very proud of Mason making most of his foul shots and playing hard on both ends. Kelly just had a very good series. Defense kept Seth in check in the second half. Andre as well but you see other guys doing what is needed. Tyshawn Tyler had over 10 turnovers? Man, that is just really bad. It's early in the season and it's a nice win for this young team. Great to see K as enthusiastic as he was.
Well, it's late and I'm hoping on my motorcyle and heading up to VA tmrw. I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks Matt for allowing me to post.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:33:37 AM  
Interestingly, there's absolutely no mistaking the fact that the game turned when Thornton replaced Rivers.

On another note, Duke has not had a big man like Ryan Kelly in a LONG time. A long time.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:32:51 AM  
Yeah, I feel the same way about this win. Fantastic.

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 11/24/2011 12:28:40 AM  
I haven't been this smiley about a Duke win in a long while.

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 11/24/2011 12:27:46 AM  
Thanks for the nick, Matt.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:26:49 AM  
Thanks to Josh and Fats Lazer for being here during the live action - - always fun to have someone else talking.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:25:20 AM  
Wow, K unusually emotional over TT's shot. Who can blame him? What a moment.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/24/2011 12:24:13 AM  
Well now...that was a fun one! Things looked to be going south at the end of the 1st/start of the 2nd. Great job to fight through some adversity, great overall game by Mason Plumlee (though not without its Plumlee Moments), and Kelly was superb. We even overcame the Duke Field Goal Drought (TM)! Like Matt said, this is not the kind of non-conference game Duke usually wins. I'm gonna enjoy this one.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:22:53 AM  
Yup, Kelly is the MVP. Nice piece of hardware for that guy - - stud. Mason played the best game he's ever played at Duke, too, relative to the competition.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:21:12 AM  
Okay, NOW I like this team and am excited about the season. I didn't think they could beat a team like Kansas.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:20:33 AM  
Ryan Kelly should get the overall MVP trophy, but this win goes to Tyler Thornton.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:18:42 AM  
All good, Josh. :D

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:18:30 AM  
AWESOME win. Just awesome. We don't win games like this very often against non-ACC teams with pedigree.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/24/2011 12:17:56 AM  
Sorry, I didn't censor my excitement like Matt. My bad.

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 11/24/2011 12:17:29 AM  
Bilas is not happy without shilling for the other team!

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/24/2011 12:16:45 AM  
Holy shit!!

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:16:40 AM  
Holy sh*t, Tyler Thorton wins the game for Duke. Things like this just do not happen to Blue Devil players.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/24/2011 12:16:17 AM  

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/24/2011 12:14:25 AM  
Ty Thornton!!

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:14:18 AM  
THAT was awesome, Tyler. Damn!!!!

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:13:59 AM  

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:12:25 AM  
Ahhhhhhh wasted possession there.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:11:30 AM  
GREAT defense by Curry on that possession as Taylor charges again.

Bias and Creeptery are arguing. No one cares.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:10:51 AM  
Now that's a way to break the trademark five-minute field goal drought!

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/24/2011 12:10:15 AM  
Dre, right on cue...

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/24/2011 12:05:43 AM  
Oh, ridiculous call there with a flop rewarded with a charge on Mason.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/24/2011 12:04:43 AM  
Oof. We've had a couple of chances to drain big threes and they just haven't dropped so far. Hope we get a couple of those down the stretch.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 11:58:26 PM  
Now THIS is a nice game by Mason Plumlee. Rivers going to the bench with four PFs will actually be beneficial here - - he's been totally out of control in the second half.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 11:53:05 PM  
First Zoubek, now Kelly. Clearly, growing a beard grants mystical powers to Duke's white guys. Looking in your direction, Plumlees.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 11:52:16 PM  
Great sequence on both ends by Kelly. Man, Releford has just made Curry vanish.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 11:46:17 PM  
You sort of feel that these fouls and this much energy are going to catch up with Kansas.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 11:45:31 PM  
Game clock suddenly resets to the beginning of the second half.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 11:41:51 PM  
I just literally don't remember him passing the ball on our side of the court tonight, at least not in the 2nd half. It reminds me of watching Sam Cassell a bit during the Bucks' brief stint of relevance back in 2001. There was just a look about him on certain possessions where you knew he wasn't giving up the ball no matter what. Rivers definitely has that look.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 11:35:19 PM  
Good call, Josh - - Rivers is not a big assist man. :)

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 11:34:51 PM  
Wow, five-star recruit Mason Plumlee just abused total stiff Withey. That's amazing!

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 11:33:07 PM  
LOL at Withey. Also, I haven't seen a full game from Rivers yet this year. He has passed the ball at some point this season, right?

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 11:31:47 PM  
GREAT MOVE by Rivers at 14:18, after a nice block by Ryan Kelly on the other end.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 11:29:14 PM  
Tinie Tempah in an adidas commercial? This one must be WRITTEN IN THE STARS...A MILLION MILES AWAY...

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 11:25:35 PM  
Ah, great play by Seth, drawing the foul on a three going to the under-16. Duke may actually have weathered the Kansas run, but sealing off the post and preventing the Bootsy from this Withey stiff would really be nice.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 11:23:54 PM  
Oh, for the love of God. 6-11 men do not do spin moves between 2 defenders.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 11:20:39 PM  
LOL. This is a loss.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 11:18:52 PM  
Did Raftery just say "strong climax at the tin"?

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 11:01:22 PM  
I gotta think that wasn't the idea for the last possession of the half. Not an ideal way to play the last 7 minutes or so, but only down 4...

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 11:00:55 PM  
Enh. Silly last possession - - why does Duke just stand around until 8 on the shot clock?? - - but this one could go either way.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:58:51 PM  
Yes. Nice move by Mason, cutting to the basket and shortening the hook.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:57:40 PM  
Must-score possession for Duke here, down six.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:57:07 PM  
Sean says that something's wrong with you if youj don't like Dave Odom. Something's wrong with me.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 10:55:36 PM  
Offense is hurting right now. Too many threes and can't finish anything around the basket.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 10:54:17 PM  
That was Dave Odom?! Holy crap, he looks old.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:53:24 PM  
Too bad. We had this one in good shape, have completely pissed that away going into the locker room. Too many threes, crappy defense.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 10:48:08 PM  
Withee with more points tonight than the other two games combined. You don't say.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 10:46:39 PM  
What's up with all the adidas teams wearing those medium blue warmup tops? Saw them on Tennessee, Michigan, and now Kansas, and they are definitely not the color of any of those teams (it's too light to be Kansas' shade of royal blue). Weird.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:41:29 PM  
Sweet. I've been looking for a good zip saw.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:39:50 PM  
Love the Geico commercial with the dude who gets the guinea pigs to row to save electricity.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 10:39:38 PM  
Entertaining game so far. Nice jam by Miles...got to do that more. Just go strong!

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 11/23/2011 10:39:37 PM  

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:39:24 PM  
Wow, Miles with the one-handed dunk. Nice.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:37:36 PM  
. . . and shooting 90% from the line, too.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:36:25 PM  
Ah, Kelly is just becoming a great player. Not good, great.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 10:36:22 PM  
Wow, and a nice pass by Mason! Jinx alert, but he's been solid so far.

Also, way to rob R Kelly of his shot at a 4 point play.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:34:27 PM  
Kelly's post moves look really great.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 10:34:09 PM  
Ooh, nice move by R Kelly.

Posted by: Josh Date: 11/23/2011 10:32:30 PM  
Awkwardest. Hook shot. Ever.

We'll all hate Kansas in the aftermath of this one, as the tired old "Duke gets all the calls" schtick is sure to come out.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:32:20 PM  
LOL at all these fouls on Kansas. I can feel Phog Times or whatever their stupid message board is exploding. Anyone who watches Kansas on a regular basis is probably amazed to see all of their habitual cluthing and grabbing called for once.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:30:49 PM  
ZOMG Mason hit that hook shot.

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 11/23/2011 10:28:05 PM  
To me Withey looks like a Salvadori without bulging eyes, but I am kinda drunk and my vision is blurry.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:26:36 PM  
Plumlees predictably making Withey look like a white Kevin Garnett.

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 10:20:56 PM  
Silly shot selection early. First BHP from Mason takes us to the under-16. Elijah Johnson has two PFs for Kansas.

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 11/23/2011 10:20:31 PM  
For some reason, today I suddenly missed Pete Gillen's oversized novelty head.

Posted by: CDG Date: 11/23/2011 10:00:00 PM  
I'll be DVRing this thing because my Thanksgiving has already passed and I have to work tomorrow. Boo on me.

Liked the overview of the roster Matt - like Al said, pithy, but totally informative for those of us who can't bear going back to the KU website unless it is to UNSUBSCRIBE AGAIN from their mailing list. Three years and counting that I am getting alumni updates from the school although I have never set foot in the State.

Think it will be close-ish too but I am liking our progress so far.

Go Duke!

Posted by: Matt Date: 11/23/2011 9:37:19 PM  
I should have credited Al with "Brick Chick Jayhick," which is his 100% original creation.

I loved the image of Miles as the Kool Aid Man too. OHHHHHYEAHHHHHHH!! (drops pitcher, looks at it dumbfoundedly)

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 11/23/2011 9:15:44 PM  
I wish I had Lazer somewhere in my name.

Posted by: Al White Date: 11/23/2011 8:58:59 PM  
Informative, pithy preview, Matt.

Self is a great recruiter but is not a particularly good operational coach. We'll hate all the Jayhicks before the second TV timeout, but in fact KU is by far the least odious of the non-Duke members of the traditional Big Five in college basketball (UNC, UConn and Kentucky are the others, I rest my case).

The Jaybirds didn't look that good in losing to Calipari's convicts and seasonal hires, so it is hard to tell how tough they are going to be. This game will have March Madness intensity and both teams will be on fumes by mid-second half. Will the Plums decide it? Let's hope not. Answer your idiotic critics, Austin!

(Loved Steve's image in the last thread of Miles entering the game screaming through a wall.)

Posted by: Fats "Lazer" Durston Date: 11/23/2011 8:55:42 PM  
**Let's avenge the Let Nick Collison Have His Points Game. **

But otherwise Casey played an excellent match. /DBR bullshit

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