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Heading into the postseason, what's your take?
Duke is a serious Final Four contender
We just may have kept the Duke Foot Injury from ending our season for the third straight year
Miami is really backing into the tournament phase
So much for those little Tools and their VAUNTED twelve-guard lineup, at least until next Saturday
Still not going to miss Maryland, College Park at all
Just enjoying the ride
I have some gripe or other but will hold it for now
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About Us

Dukies.com is operated and filled with trailblazing insight by zealous fans of Duke basketball, but is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Duke University in any way.

Matt and his cohort Rob began writing their Two Dukies Pick the ACC material for Internet newsgroup rec.sport.basketball.college in 1997-1998, and debuted a Two Dukies website the next season while continuing to post on r.s.b.c.  In September of 1999, Dukies.com was born, and since then, the site has continued to feature the Two Dukies material, now long past its shelf life in its fourteenth (can that be right??) season, as well as other pieces on ACC basketball and life in general.  Dukies.com was redesigned and relaunched in November of 2007 with enhanced features and graphics, if not, sadly, any improvement in content.  Also in November of 2007, Rob's pressing duties such as having a life caused him to step away from participation in the site, and longtime Friend of the Site and frequent guest writer duhomme stepped in to become the new better half of the Two Dukies. duhomme departed of his own accord in December of 2010, freeing Matt to spearhead the evolution of the site into a new phase, which will be preceded by a hiatus of undetermined length so Matt can recover his bearings and just get a nice break. For more information on the site, its content, and its history, please visit the FAQ, linked off the main page, and see if anyone’s gotten around to populating it yet. Truth be told, it has been populated, and it's at least half of a hoot (read: mildly interesting), if we do say so ourselves, so go read it. 

Matt is a 1992 graduate of Duke University and a 1997 graduate of the Wake Forest University School of Law, and in his spare time not spent presiding over the Dukies.com Command Center, practices law in the West.  Matt comes from a family of Duke grads, including his parents, who were married in the Duke Chapel, and has been watching Duke basketball avidly since roughly 1984 or 1985, when someone very important convinced him that college basketball was worth keeping an eye on.  Matt was born in New Haven, CT, and has lived in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Oklahoma (yep!), California, and North Carolina.  The years in Oklahoma turned him into a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, and being born in New England spurred him to swear an early allegiance to the Boston Red Sox, but Duke is first among equals as far as his rooting interests.  Matt has a little habit of visiting sports stadiums, including 29 of the 30 current major league baseball parks (the missing culript is Target Field in Minneapolis), as well as many of their predecessors.  He has also been to men's games at 81 Division I basketball arenas, and is trying to get to all 340+ someday, if they let him in, of course.  Those 81 venues include every ACC arena except Miami’s pad and Virginia’s new abode.  Matt’s hobbies include liberal Democratic politics, movies, one-hour television dramas, “reading” long books for months, and droning on in senseless bios.  Many of these elements, especially the senseless droning, make their way into the material you will read (or not read) on this site.  Matt claims to provide the content management for Dukies.com, and can be reached with questions or comments at matt[at]dukies.com

Rob is a graduate of Duke University, but thankfully didn’t know Matt until much later.  He abandoned a promising career in information technology and Florida politics to study and practice law, and currently resides with his wife and three children in the Southeast.  Rob has been a fan of Duke basketball for his entire life, and has provided excellent historical perspective on the halcyon days of the ACC, before it was bloated and corrupted by college football.  Two Dukies Pick the ACC was Rob’s brainchild, and he provided tireless IT support to Dukies.com for an uncounted sum of your Earth years.       

Matt is joined in his endeavors by an outstanding supporting cast, including Al White, a fluent speaker of jive and a West Coast corporate apparatchik who is not to be confused with any Hollywood actors; CDG, a citizen of Canada who lends her valuable north-of-the-border perspective to her fervent support of the Blue Devils; ClemsonGuest, a (get this) frequent guest writer who attended Clemson but doesn't mind contributing to the odd (or even really odd) Duke site here and there; and the many fine men, women and other species who have become registered users and offer their comments for all to see in response to the palaver posted here.  Dukies.com would not exist without its readers, who number in the tens and whose number is growing steadily when it’s not shrinking.    

Last updated December 31, 2010. 

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